Shortness of breath? it could be caused by bronchitis

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How do our bronchi work?

Shortness of breath could be caused by bronchitis

It is one of the most common diagnoses in the winter: bronchitis. The disease occurs when the airways become inflamed and manifests itself through symptoms such as coughing and pain behind the sternum. If, in addition to the bronchi, the trachea is also affected by the inflammation, this is called a “tracheobronchitis” (trachea = trachea).

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How do our bronchi work?

The mouth, nose and throat form the upper respiratory tract. The “lower airways” include the trachea, bronchi, and lungs. The bronchi must be thought of as a small branched branch of the trachea that reaches into the lungs. Their task is to distribute the air and to catch foreign bodies, such as dust particles and bacteria. For this purpose, the bronchi use their mucous membrane, with which they are covered. Troublemakers stick here and are literally filtered out.


What exactly is bronchitis?

When the mucous membrane of the bronchi is irritated by a disease, it produces a secretion. The body tries to get rid of this mucus – which manifests itself as a cough with expectoration. Responsible in the vast majority of cases are viruses that enter the body through the breath. The fact that bacteria or irritants such as dust or gases trigger acute bronchitis is rather rare. It is usually the case that the affected person had a cold before and the disease later shifts from the upper to the lower respiratory tract. Left untreated, bronchitis may become chronic or even aggravate pneumonia. Of these, especially smokers, the elderly, and people with a weakened immune system or pre-existing conditions are affected.

Bronchitis symptoms and disease:

First dry cough, later slimy expectoration difficulty breathing.
Often fever, night sweats and other flu symptoms such as head, neck and body aches.
Breathless sounds, such as rattling and whistling.
Pain behind the sternum.
Swollen lymph nodes.

Bronchitis home remedies

A home remedy for bronchitis, which has been known for generations, is the inhalation of water vapor. A very simple, yet effective path to alleviation, which has therefore not lost its relevance to date. By inhaling water vapor, the secretion in the lungs is released, so that the mucous membrane can calm down. This healing and at the same time pain-relieving effect can be strengthened by herbal ingredients. These are essential oils, chamomile or table salt. In this way, the respiratory tract is moisturized and the body’s self-healing powers activated. The five to ten minute procedure can be repeated up to three times a day. All you need is a pot, hot water and a towel to cover. It is much easier with a special inhaler.


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Bronchitis prevention

You can not protect yourself from viruses in the air that cause bronchitis. But having a healthy lifestyle can help to boost the immune system to cope better with pathogens. This includes, for example, regular exercise, preferably in the fresh air, as well as a healthy and vitamin-rich diet to strengthen the defense. In contrast, cigarette smoke and dry room air have a negative effect. Flu vaccines can also protect older and weakened people, but always talk to your doctor about it.

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