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Low Carb: The trend diet of the stars

Low Carb Diet is a low carbohydrate diet. Bread, pasta & Co. are reduced. There are plenty of protein and low-carbohydrate vegetables on the menu. Attention: Fruit has a lot of fructose and is considered as fattening by low carb fans! Low Carb is also popular among the stars: Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie avoid carbohydrates. Nutrition expert Kristin Bothor from nu3.ch: “Low carb works for a limited time and permanently as a diet change.” Advantage: No-one can do without even pasta. Food researchers have invented slimming spaghetti with only 14 kilocalories per serving!

Weight loss effect: Half a kilo per week is possible. Above all, Low Carb is the first step to a healthier diet.

FDH: losing weight without a plan

FDH (“eat half”) is the mother of all diets. A little less of everything and thus reduce the amount of calories – sounds logical and wonderfully simple. The nutrition expert warns: “It depends on what you omit!” If you eat the wrong way, you will consume fewer calories with FDH, but at the same time you will also consume fewer nutrients. Better to work on the composition of the meal plan.

Diets are many, but which provides the desired long-term success, so we permanently reduce our weight and feel comfortable? We took a closer look at some diet concepts.

Finally! Ten kilos are down – and even after two years! Losing weight is not that difficult. There are enough diets. But keeping that lost weight for years is the real challenge.

Lightning diets such as the lemon diet promise great weight loss in no time. Due to the yo-yo effect , the weight is a little later but back on the hips. What nobody wants.

To prevent that from happening to you, we talked to nutrition expert Antje Gahl from the German Nutrition Society ( DGE ). She has given us the five best diets that you can use to change your diet over the long term and keep your weight on the job for a lifetime.

The secret of these diets:

There are no prohibitions. You are allowed to eat everything, but in the right quantities. Instead of constant hunger and frustration, you’ll learn which foods are good for you and how to make them healthy and low in calories.

With volumetrics, or the energy density principle, calorie counting is a thing of the past. You lose weight quickly and easily by changing your eating habits a bit.

This is how Volumetrics works:
Volumetrics groups foods according to their volume. The theory behind it is that we get fed up with a certain amount of food, not a specific number of calories. Vegetables and fruits, for example, are very rich in water, so they have a lot of volume but only fewcalories . Whole grains and low-fat dairy, meat and fish are also recommended at Volumetrics. Fast food, ready meals as well as sweets and chips have a low volume but many caloriesand should only be eaten in small quantities.

The assessment by Antje Gahl, DGE:

Volumetrics is based on recommendations that the DGE has been publishing for years. This change in diet is well suited as an introduction to a balanced diet and, if you also limited the amount of food, leads to permanent weight loss.

Instead of calories , Weight Watchers scores points. The weight loss program has been around for many years, both with group meetings and as a pure online variant.

This is how Weight Watchers works:
Foods are sorted by points at Weight Watchers . Each program participant receives a certain number of points per day that he can eat. Sport can earn extra points. In addition to group meetings, the program offers a large online platform with lots of tips and lots of recipes.

The rating of Antje Gahl, DGE:
Weight Watchers is a very flexible concept that can be adapted to individual needs. It is based on a calorie-reduced, balanced mixed diet, but can also be used by vegetarians. The program is particularly suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight in a group.

Instead of carbohydrates, attention is paid to fat intake at low fat levels. Because high-fat foods are usually real fattening.

This is how Low Fat 30 works:
Not the calorie but the fat content counts here. Only foods with a maximum fat content of 30 percent are recommended. In addition to plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grains and low-fat dairy products, meat and fish are on the plan. The diet should be changed permanently.

The rating of Antje Gahl, DGE:
In itself, Low Fat 30 is a good way to lose weight, because it is based on the recommendations of the DGE and is a good introduction to a balanced diet, In addition to the fat content, however, attention should be paid to the amount. The sole consumption of low-fat foods is not enough for everyone.
You should not go without fat, otherwise fat-soluble vitamins and valuable fatty acids may be neglected .

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