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NEW LUNG® Lung & Body Immune | with echinacea & Probiotics

NEW LUNG® Lung & Body Immune | with echinacea & Probiotics

NEW LUNG Total Body + Lung Immune Support

Breathing is life, and we all need perfectly working lungs at all times. That said, keeping your lungs healthy is worth every effort for nothing threatens life more than unhealthy lungs. If your lungs' health is compromised in any way, you are likely to end on a ventilator, and we all understand what that means.

So, how can you keep your lungs healthy and strong? It is simple. You need a lung immune supplement. Success Chemistry understands the risks that your lungs are subjected to, especially during these trying times. To prepare your lungs for this heath battle, we have formulated this lung immune aid to protect you.


How Safe Is New Lung Immune Booster?

This is probably the next question in your mind. At Success Chemistry, the health of our clients comes first. We are committed to producing organic products that are meant to give you optimal results. All our products are third-party tested to ensure that they are completely safe with no trace of heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, or other unsafe components. Our lung immune supplement is natural, effective, and no side effects at all.


So, How Will I Benefit from Taking the Lung Immune Booster?

Our lung immune aid supplement is made up of several ingredients such as vitamins, turmeric, garlic, Echinacea, and Probiotics. All these ingredients are specially combined to give you endless benefits. 

  • It contains vitamin C, E, and B6, which play a significant role in strengthening your lungs and keeping them healthy for you to breathe better.
  • The vitamins in this lung immune supplement reduce the risk of women developing chronic lung diseases.
  • It improves your immunity making it hard for viruses, bacteria, free radicals, and parasites to invade your body.
  • It helps with balancing the hormones.
  • It contains elderberry, which helps with shortening the duration of illness and helping your body cope with flu infections.
  • One of its ingredients Echinacea helps control symptoms of colds, influenza, among other illnesses. It also helps protect against some viruses.
  • It has garlic, which helps eliminate microorganisms that can cause breathing difficulties.

Lung Immune Booster with Echinacea & Probiotics is meant for everyone—whether you already have issues with your lungs or your lungs are in perfect health. There is no better way of preparing your lungs for unforeseen circumstances other than feeding it with this powerful lung immune aid. To find out more about this product, contact us today!


🍊Vitamin C, 🌻Vitamin E, 🥚Vitamin B6, 🦪Zinc, 🔸Turmeric, 🔹Elderberry

🌸Echinacea Powder, 🧄Garlic

🥦L-Glutamine & 🧫 Probiotics.

Vitamin C:

Can be used as accompanying therapy for asthma helping you to get more air. For a functioning immune system, vitamin C plays an important role as a radical scavenger.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E can aid the reduction of developing chronic lung issues like COPD by up to ten percent. This is shown by a large-scale study from the USA, in which the medical history of approximately 38,000 women over 45 years of age was followed for ten years.

Vitamin B6:

When there is a lack of vitamin B6. The thymus gland and thus the center of the immune system shrink. Vitamin B6 is also involved in building up important nerve messengers such as serotonin - the happiness hormone.


Turmeric supports the immune system with passive cell protection, which makes it considerably harder for viruses, parasites, bacteria, and free radicals to break through the protective shield of the immune system. 


Elderberry has proven to be able to shorten the duration of colds. Elderberry increases the number of flu antibodies, so it strengthens the immune system.


Extracts of Echinacea species have been used traditionally in North America for the control of symptoms of colds.


Highly antibiotic Allicin in garlic supports the elimination of microorganisms that lead to breathing difficulties or other common issues.


The most important building block of all defense mechanisms is protein. Immune molecules, defense cells, and lymphatic organs consist mainly of protein. The amino acid glutamine plays a special role here because it is not only involved in the formation of the immune cells but also serves as an energy supplier.


The Center of the immune system is in the intestine. 70–80% of all immune cells that produce antibodies the intestine the control center for the immune system. 

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