new lung review

By Debra

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Will have you breathing clean again!! 

Being extremely active and lover of the outdoors, I’ve definitely come to realize how vital clean air is to lung health. Growing up in the Pac NW of the US surrounded by lush greens and forests I never really had to worry about taking supplements to help clean my lungs. I now spend the majority of my time away from these lush places and more time in big cities and deserts with poor air quality. Every year the respiratory infections I get from being in places like this have gotten worse and worse and have led me to search for natural products that would help get my lung health back to normal. Since taking this supplement I finally have started to feel like I’m breathing clean again, as if I’m back in the forests of my home while still being in a big city. I’ve noticed overall improvement in my breathing and lung health, it’s crazy how much of a difference slight changes like this can make!! Love this supplement!!